Black Girls Make Music Ep. 5: No One Will Care About You For A Year | How Committed are you to your goals, REALLY?

How committed are you to your goals?

Often we say that we're super committed, but our work ethic says otherwise.

We keep giving up when we don't get the results we want when we want, and then get upset that we aren't where we want to be in life.

If no one cared about anything you created for an entire year, would you still keep going?

 It's time for us to recommit to our goals and dedicate ourselves for the next year to be consistent, disciplined and diligent over the gifts God gave us. 

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How To Avoid Burnout | Time Management Tips and Plan For Busy Artists and Entrepreneurs

This video will teach you some tips for avoiding Burnout If you struggle with Time Management and Productivity as an artist, this video is for you...ESPECIALLY if you are a busy and multi-passionate artist who wear many hats day to day.

Use my Tips and Plan to help you become more productive and avoiding being overwhelmed.

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I Quit My Job To Pursue My Music Career and Art | Alecia Renece DIY Artist | Indie Musician Vlog


I'm beginning a new journey to pursue my music career full time as well as my photography and writing. I am so excited to begin and share this new adventure on my VLOG. Be sure to subscribe to journey with me.

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Do You Know Who You Are? | Finding The True You

When asked, "What do you do?" or "Who are you?", we immediately rattle off a long list of job titles and responsibilities. We are even tempted to believe that our identities are wrapped up in what we create. So I ask you... Do You Know Who You Are?

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"You're Welcome" Single Release!

We've all been there before. We're in love, we fall out of love and then your ex-love gets a new love. 

You're filled with angst and anxiety, wondering what she's got on you, if she's better than you, smarter, funnier... 

…If you can relate to ANY of this... this song is for YOU. 

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Alecia Harrison