Beat Writer’s Block & Write Beautiful Music

31 songwriting Challenge

Do you struggle with Songwriter's Block?

Are you in need of inspiration?

Do you need help beating perfectionism to create in spite of fear?

Do you want to make songs that you believe in, but don't know where to start?

Are you a beginner songwriter or a seasoned songwriter who needs a challenge?

I wrote this book with you in mind.
I created this book because I struggle with writer’s block often and I figure that I couldn’t be the only one.
Perfectionism, self doubt, procrastination and lack of inspiration get in the way of me creating and writing my best music, and I wanted to do something about it.
So I dedicate this book to you, fellow music maker.
You are talented. You are good enough. You are gifted.
It’s not a question of talent or ability.
Sometimes all we need is a little help to create our greatest work.
Through 31 Soul Searching Songwriting Sessions and Journal Prompts, we will remove the song writing blocks and inspire you to write your most honest and authentic work that will resonate with the right audience.