Black Girls Make Music Ep. 10 HOW MUCH Does Spotify Pay Per Stream?! | Why You Shouldn't Rely on Streaming or Social Media

People try really hard to get their music streamed and added to playlists while Spotify literally pays fractions of pennies per stream. 

Today we talk about why you shouldn't build your business and music career on Streaming platforms or other websites.

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Is It Too Late To Be Successful? | How To Be Successful When You Feel Behind in Life and Everyone Else |Win With The Power Of Practice

It’s easy to look at the finished product, the polished musician or see someone who is further along in their journey and become jealous or envious of where they are.

Meanwhile, we have no idea what it took to get them there. We didn’t see the hours, the tears, blood, sweat, and failures these people had to go through to get to where they are.

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Black Girls Make Music Ep. 7 Lacking Resources? How to Use What You Already Have to Share Great Art

Dear Black Girls Making Music,

Don't allow the need to be perfect stop you from creating and sharing your arts and gifts. Use what you already have access to to make the most of your art.

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Black Girls Make Music Ep. 5: No One Will Care About You For A Year | How Committed are you to your goals, REALLY?

How committed are you to your goals?

Often we say that we're super committed, but our work ethic says otherwise.

We keep giving up when we don't get the results we want when we want, and then get upset that we aren't where we want to be in life.

If no one cared about anything you created for an entire year, would you still keep going?

 It's time for us to recommit to our goals and dedicate ourselves for the next year to be consistent, disciplined and diligent over the gifts God gave us. 

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How To Avoid Burnout | Time Management Tips and Plan For Busy Artists and Entrepreneurs

This video will teach you some tips for avoiding Burnout If you struggle with Time Management and Productivity as an artist, this video is for you...ESPECIALLY if you are a busy and multi-passionate artist who wear many hats day to day.

Use my Tips and Plan to help you become more productive and avoiding being overwhelmed.

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