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"You're Welcome" Single Release

We've all been there before. We're in love, we fall out of love and then your ex-love gets a new love. 

You're filled with angst and anxiety, wondering what she's got on you, if she's better than you, smarter, funnier... 

You made that man who he is. You feel like you built him up from scratch and now some other girl is reaping the benefits of your hard work and labor. 

It's not even that you want him back. You just want a simple THANK YOU. 

You wonder why he couldn't be that loving, that kind, that thoughtful and passionate when he was with you. Why didn't he fight to keep you? 

Didn't he know that you were a good thing?! 

But the truth is, you ARE a good thing, just not the good thing for him. Your worth never went down just because someone else came into the picture. 

Maybe the thoughts Jealousy and Envy whisper to you late at night, on Social Media, in friend circles, and worst, in your head and heart... are lies: 

You Are Worthy. 

It may be that just because he wasn't right for you, doesn't mean you are any less than beautiful, phenomenal, smart, talented, funny, fun, adventurous than the next woman. 

Maybe you don't have to compete or tear her down. Maybe you don't have to come up with vile and hurtful things to say to and about her. Maybe she doesn't even know he was trash... and maybe he's not horrible anymore. 

And Maybe...Just Maybe you both can have worth... even if he chooses not to see yours anymore. Even if that hurts. 

If you can relate to ANY of this... this song is for YOU.

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