RV Life: I Quit My Job and Moved Into An RV To Be a Full Time Musician

I am quitting my job and moving into an RV.

I just turned 29 earlier this year and I’ve decided not to do what I don’t believe in and not waste precious time complaining about it either.

I’ve decided that life may be difficult, no matter how I try to avoid it. But I’d rather struggle at doing something I love and believe in.

I believe in love.

I believe in music, creativity, and I believe in God.

I believe in the gifts God has given me… I believe he’s given me the freedom and the opportunity to pursue that call in the wind, to feed that burning fire in my belly, to follow what puts a smile on my face and my feet on the floor early on Monday Mornings.

I’ve been playing it safe. Some would say that I’ve been responsible, but I must disagree. I know the truth. When you’ve been gifted something, you nurture it, grow it, celebrate it and glorify the giver, not tuck it away out of fear, shame or because it makes the people around you uncomfortable.

Is that true responsibility?

I don't think so.

So like I said, I’m quitting my job and moving into an RV.

And yes I’m afraid of failing, success and judgement. I’m leaving behind security, safety and acceptance...and what the world calls “responsibility” (which sometimes is fear wrapped up in the illusion of productivity and meaningless accomplishment) for true freedom for actual responsibility. Where I take gifts given to me and actually do something with them.

Will you journey with me?