Sad Songs Save Lives

I always had access to art that resonated with me and that got me through tough situations. 

I'm grateful for sad songs, heartbreaking stories and art that we can feel in our guts.

This art, that wasn't always pretty, was honest. And that's what I needed. I needed art that I could believe, art that was raw and real, art that I could feel, art the screamed "Me too, girl. Me too."

Don't get me wrong, I love happy songs too. But imagine if artists only made art that was happy, joyous, celebratory, confident and sure. The scope of what we consider art would be flat and dull. There are so many emotions to explore and stories to tell.

Sad Songs Save Lives.

I believe that with everything in me.

Even though a melancholy song or story may not offer you solutions or healing, the mere fact that someone else can express what I cannot, the fact that someone says "I understand you"... that alone can help someone hold onto hope a little while longer.

It's why I'm drawn to vulnerable artists like Kid Cudi, Lianne La Havas, and Frank Ocean to name a few. Most of my favorite songs of all time are raw, vulnerable and honest.

These artists also get a lot of my respect. It takes a certain amount of bravery to be vulnerable. To put your emotions and your story on display for the world to see, to hear, to experience...

That's what I want to do with my own art; tell an honest story. What I share may not always be pretty, it may not be perfect, or well put together. One thing I can promise for sure, though is that my art is honest.

I want what I create and share to resonate with people who may not have a voice or who may not be able to put their pain to words or who may not be brave enough to share their experiences.

I want to my art to be a head nod or a hug to those who have never been told, "I totally get it." or "Your pain is valid." or "Your story matters." or "Keep going. Your despair is real, but so is hope.", or "I'm afraid".

Whether I'm singing about a broken friendship, writing a heartbreaking story about death and abuse, or taking photos and sharing people's honest voices, I want to always be vulnerable, to always be open and to always be honest and unashamed.

That is the dream.