Why We Need More Vulnerable Artists

It can easily seem like Authenticity is a lost art.

Everyone is putting their best foot, faces and stories forward. And it makes sense, doesn't it?

We want people to believe the best of us. We want to look like we have it all together-- that we have life figured out when we're really just winging it. We pretend that we're fine when we're really not.

Many times it comes from a place of self preservation. We're afraid of being vulnerable because we're afraid of not being accepted. We're afraid that when we take the mask off, the ones that claim to love us... won't anymore.

The fear is rational, though. Most of us are switching masks, tailoring back how we feel, and keeping things to ourselves based on where we are and who we're around.

Unless you're blessed enough to have circles that you are able to be 100% of yourself 100% of the time, some of our friends don't even know what we're really feeling or going through because they haven't created the safe spaces we need to be vulnerable and authentic.

While I do agree that certain things should be reserved for safe and certain places, I do believe that the best things come from Authenticity and Vulnerability. When we try to mask parts of ourselves, filter the truth, we lose the good stuff.

I believe the things that we are sometimes ashamed of, embarrassed about and insecure about are the very things that make us so unique. I believe that they are also the things that help us find those safe places to be accepted and loved.

While people may be off put by us when we choose to be authentic, we tend to give a voice to those who may not be as brave as us to speak our truths.

Think about one of your favorite songs that actually makes you feel. The song may not be perfect in its execution and the notes may land flat and sharp... but it still makes you FEEL.

It may have put words and melodies to feelings that you could not. It made you cry, it got you angry, it made you feel like someone finally got it! It made you feel SEEN.

Imagine if that song had never been made. Imagine if that writer or singer had not been brave enough to speak their truths, to actually remove the filter long enough to be vulnerable and honest.

There would be stories left untold, feelings unexpressed and songs that we love left unfinished.

One of my favorite songs right now is Higher by Rihanna. Now, I'm not a huge fan of everything Rihanna produces, but this song made me cry the first time I heard it. The song was not performed perfectly vocally and I love it. You can actually feel the pain in her voice. You can imagine being inebriated, regretful and broken hearted.

This is why we need more vulnerable artists. 

We need art that resonates with people. People need to know that they're not alone in their pain, joy and confusion. People also need to be educated about the range of human emotion and narratives they've never heard of before.

So remove the filter. Be yourself. Create Authentically. 

The World Needs You.