Use Your Art to Heal

Black Woman Standing in the Ocean

I've been going through a few heartaches, lately.

But this post isn't about that, exactly.

Before when I'd be going through, I would stop EVERYTHING I'm doing and mourn and allow myself to get better before I created anything.
The pain was paralyzing, or I allowed it to be.

I used to think no one really wanted to hear about Alecia being sad. It made people uncomfortable. People are so used to me putting on a good face and smiling through the pain to make them comfortable... while I suffer alone in silence.

It was like my sadness was something to be ashamed of. And often times, I rushed my healing process.

It wasn't until recently that I began to really allow myself to hurt unapologetically. I've been removing myself from people and situations that make me feel bad-- feel wrong for feeling so deeply and honestly.

My sensitivity is not some sort of defect. I'm fact, I've been attempting to change my own mindset about the way I look at myself, even when I am hurting.

Which brings me to Creating. I've been using my pain as fuel for my art.
And subsequently, I have been healing because of this process.
No longer ignoring my pain, but actually listening to my heart and accepting myself, I'm making more art.

I'm not waiting to heal before creating. I'm creating as I'm healing. And honoring those broken and hurting places. And it feels so good.

Now, I'm not busying myself to distract myself from my very real pain, I'm just accepting and loving myself on my way to healing. I'm giving a voice to my pain as a means to healing.

So stay tuned. I'll have some "heart-in-healing-process" music to share with you soon enough if you're willing to listen!

My God, my art which is a gift from God, my family and friends.
That's how I deal.
That's how I heal.

How do you deal?