Black Girls Make Music Podcast: Ep. 1: If You Can't Find It, Create It!

Welcome to the First Episode of Black Girls Make Music! I am Alecia Renece, a Black Girl Who Makes Music who is also an independent artist.

Dear Black Girl Making Music,

Your unique art, story and message are so important. Create it and share it with us-- with the world. We're waiting and depending on you.

On today's episode, 

If You Can't find the Community or Music you Need, CREATE IT YOURSELF! I introduce the podcast to you all as a podcast highlighting and encouraging Black Women who are on their journey as Indie/Independent Artists. Black Woman Artists are underrepresented, so I wanted to create a podcast and a community to give a voice to and encourage Black Women in Music We figure out this independent Music Journey What you can expect Weekly Encouragement for Black Women Indie Artists Community (Join Our Facebook Group Below) Weekly and Monthly Challenges to Develop and Love Yourself and Your Music To Feel Heard. (Leave a Review, Send Me an Email, Leave a voice recording to encourage yourself and others) To Grow With Me.

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