Black Girls Make Music Podcast Ep 2: Be Careful of the Company You Keep | Why Artist Community is so important | How To Find and Build Community

Dear Black Girl Making Music,

Bad Company Corrupts Good Character. Choose Your Community Wisely.

In This Episode of Black Girls Make Music We Talk About How Relationships Affect Your Art and Why Community is Important and How To Find It.

Toxic Relationships can be good for inspiration and have made GREAT music, but it's detrimental long term. Some Artists Sabotage their lives in the name of creativity and art. How You Can avoid this. If you're not well, your self esteem, health and music suffers Having a solid community is so vital and important to your success as an artist You have enough problems alone, you don't need friends that make you feel like crap as well. My personal story of letting go of toxic relationships, and how it improved my music. We can't choose all of our community (like our family), but we should curate the parts that we can (like our friends). You can have and belong to multiple communities. Why You Need Community to Be A Better Person and Musician Accountability Encouragement A Safe Place Collaboration Find a Community that aligns with who you are and your values If you need community: Seek them out (Meet-Up, Facebook Groups, Clubs and Meetings) Create Your Own

What ever route you take, don't take it alone.


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