Black Girls Make Music Podcast Ep. 3 The 3 Keys Vital to Musical Success: Finding Your Why, Your Audience and Your Message

Dear Black Girl Making Music,

In order to align yourself and your music with the right audience for the long haul you must first figure out your why, who your audience is and what your message is.

There are 3 Vitally Important Steps to Achieve Musical Success

Determine your Why Define Your Audience Share Your Message

 Notes on the Episode:

1. Determine Your Why

Your Music Career can be hard, having a why makes it much easier. When you feel like giving up, your why will keep you going Your Why will keep you from conforming to standards that don't align with your why You will encounter failure before success and holding onto your Why makes it easier Discouragement is Normal Knowing your why helps you hold onto your dreams Your Why doesn't have to be super deep

2. Define Your Audience

Your Art Needs an Audience. It's important to define who your audience to better connect and resonate with them You are not for everyone. That is a mistake most people make The genre you choose determines who your audience is Learn To Think Like Your Audience Where do they live? What are their struggles? What are they passionate about? Connection goes way beyond the music. You want a soul connection with your audience (comes in handy with marketing)

3. Share Your Message

What do you want your music to say to others? What do you want your life to say? Use your experiences to speak to other people and create authentic art. Listen to this song: Maybe your message is political, spiritual, relational. Your messages can change over time All of your music doesn't HAVE to be about this, but generally your brand and music and image SHOULD. You need to connect to your audience on an emotional level Create art that they believe in You want people to like your music, but LOVE you.


What is your why? Who are your people? What is your message?


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