Sensitivity is a Superpower, Not a Weakness. | Why You Should Embrace Your Sensitive Side |The Full Well Project: Sensitivity Training Series

A lot of people put on like they're unfazed - - like they're impenetrable...

Being unbothered is worn as a badge of honor. Like somehow the less you're moved by something, the more evolved you are... And I couldn't disagree more.

Being unbothered, not caring, vitriolic, being unfeeling, petty... That's not me at all and I don't pretend that it is.

I am super sensitive, and for a while people would treat it like a flaw or some sort of failure. I was taught to be ashamed of it, to put on a good face and suck it up, to never let them see me Sweat... but even with all of the pretending to be "fine", I was still absorbing all of this. I was still feeling. I would just express it all in private and, often times, in self destructive ways.

Maybe the flaw Isn’t giving space for your feelings. Maybe I'm not weak for feeling and being moved to sadness, Longing, remorse, compassion, reconciliation...

Maybe I'm not a weirdo for valuing my relationships and mourning them when I lose them even if the other person puts on well that they're good without me.

Maybe that is what it means to be evolved; to be unafraid of feeling and sharing those feelings.

Today is different. I actually have great friends who don't make me feel bad for feeling and I am actually starting to take pride myself for being so in tune with my feelings.

On really bad days, when my heart is broken in two and it feels like it will never heal, I wish that I didn't care. I wish I could be as uncaring, as unkind, as unbothered as other people... Because it's sucks to be the person who cares, loves, seeks more.

And then I ask for forgiveness.

That's not who I am. That's not how I was made.

I care.
And I probably care more than many people do.

I feel. And I probably feel more than I want to sometimes. And I empathize. And I empathize so much so that your pain and your joys become my own.

And I LOVE that about myself.

My feeling is my super power. It's knitted into every thing I do. It's how I love, how I create, how I connect, how I create safe places for people to be all of themselves.

I care and I think we all do. I think we all should care. And if you think that somehow makes me weak, maybe you should ask yourself why that is… Why are so many people afraid of feeling?