How to Create When you Feel Alone...

It’s hard. Being human… and being a creative human can be downright torturous.

You’re programmed— created to create. It brings you so much joy, and yet, it can be the source of your discontent.

Creating things from your heart, while worrying about whether or not what you create will be loved and accepted… or torn to pieces is burdensome.

Having to deal with your art’s rejection, or worse, it’s total disregard on top of living this crazy life… is—well— hard.

It’s even harder when you feel alone.

Creating is a satisfying, yet lonely experience. Often times people just don’t get it. No matter what you create, some people just won’t get it… or they just won’t care.

But how do you keep creating amidst the harshness and cold of the world? How do you create authentic work with your heart and mind still intact?

To be honest, I’m still trying to figure all of that out.

While I think I have pretty good friends, going this creative route can be draining in every sense of the word. You put in all of this work that sometimes feels like it amounts to nothing… for a like on social media… which you appreciate, but at the same time you wonder if this is all your art adds up to.

I’m feeling discouraged, and I know tomorrow I’ll probably feel different… but in this moment, I’m wondering if my art will ever add up to anything… not that I’m trying to put that kind of pressure on my art, but we all want whatever we do to amount to SOMETHING.

How do you keep going on when you always feel so empty? So… unfulfilled… So invisible?

When your passion burns brighter and hotter than those around you…

I’m not going to quit, I just want to be honest.

Creating when you feel lonely… when no one gets it— when no one gets you— is painful.

But… I will keep creating… I’ll keep sharing. It keeps me sane. I’ll keep being honest, because maybe someone else that needs someone to get it will see me or something I create and not feel so alone anymore.

Lonely Road