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Black Girls Make Music Ep. 5: No One Will Care About You For A Year | How Committed are you to your goals, REALLY?

How committed are you to your goals?

Often we say that we're super committed, but our work ethic says otherwise.

We keep giving up when we don't get the results we want when we want, and then get upset that we aren't where we want to be in life.

If no one cared about anything you created for an entire year, would you still keep going?

 It's time for us to recommit to our goals and dedicate ourselves for the next year to be consistent, disciplined and diligent over the gifts God gave us. 

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Don't Measure Your Worth By Your Work

If I never sing another song, write another word, take another photograph, create another thing... He would STILL love me. He would STILL find me worthy. He would NEVER abandon me. I would ALWAYS be relevant to Him.

Don't you know that you were BORN worthy? Loved? Accepted? Enough?

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